Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just something to read.

Horny dude goes : Yeaaa! Shake that money-maker yeaa! *spank sound*

*zooms out*

..he's spanking a nuffnang poster.

*cue logo in white background with theme song*

I really (think I) should get into advertising.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I love : Manchester United

Dying minutes of the match.

Rio's schoolboy error lead to a Ben Foster blunder and yet another equalizer. Score: 3-3.

Ball's bouncing about, everyone looking at the ref for him to blow his whistle, but it doesn't come.

Out of no where, this happens..


The Champions League Final with Chelsea's probably the best match of all time, but this on definitely comes close, so much so celebrating while standing on a chair was necessary.

Thank you Michael Owen.

ah.. Good fun.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Meterosexual whaaaat.

After accounts and some Horng Qing bashing (but all in good fun) , went over to Minn's for a bit before heading for OU.

lil beamer is still ever so cute. aih, stupid condominium rules.

Had Sakae Sushi and berjakuned a bit with the computerized system before heading for the movie.
Yay we passed as 18 year olds~ Got a bit worried at the front door but we made it in.
this time with out the cotton candy, thank goodness.

And as usual, Mei Yin being Mei Yin, took the only sesat seat away from the group cus there were only rows of 10, and we miscounted when getting the tix.
thanks mei.

Movie sucked for a number of reasons:
One, it was gory yes, but you would experience the same type of 'gore' at the butcher shop.

Two, the deaths were four times stupid-er than the first one.
Three, there was this asshole kicking my chair as if he owned the place. And his girlfriend seemed to be enjoying it. Like he seemed more manly if he picks on people. Pa. Theh. Tic.

Was a kick away from going all Kanye on the fella.

Yeah guess that's bout it.
Oh, here's something my wonderful mind cooked up a few minutes ago.

Outdated pick-up line : Baby, I'll be your Chris Brown if you'll be ma Rihanna. *cue slaps*

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gimme. MONAY.

nuffnang's a cool way of getting cash isn't it?